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Aqua Fitness Classes

The Leisureplexes offers aqua fitness classes for people of all skills and ages.

Timetables and booking

Check out the latest class times for both Leisureplexes:

You can also book classes online. Bookings open 21 hours before the class start time.

Revitalise Aqua

Revitalise Aqua is a fun and challenging low impact class that will build or maintain your fitness levels. It is designed for people over 50 and suitable for all fitness levels. It is also a great social experience.

Aqua Fit

A cardio and conditioning workout performed in the water to support the body and provide resistance. Aqua is suitable for all ages over 16 years and caters for all levels of fitness.

Aqua Stick

Aqua Stick uses rubber bands attached to a bar, which adds increased resistance to exercises performed in the water. The program has hundreds of movements and variations to increase fat burning and toning of the body.

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