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Computers, Wi-Fi and Printing

The Canning Libraries have computers, Wi-Fi and printing facilities available for community use.

Our library computers and printers are available up until 15 minutes before closing. See our opening hours.


Computers for public use are available at all Canning Libraries (except CREEC) and are free to use with your library membership. Library members are allowed up to 2 sessions per day, up to 60 minutes per session, across all our libraries, on a public PC.

If you are not a Library member, you can join by filling out the online form. Online membership gives you free public computer and eLibrary access.

If you would prefer not to join, you can purchase a guest pass. Guest pass cost is $2.00 flat fee for up to 2 hours.

Our Public Computers have Microsoft office including, Word, Excel, Publisher, and Power Point and a number of internet browsers.

Headphones must be worn for video/audio. You can bring your own headphones or purchase earbuds at the library for $1.50.

Terms and conditions must be accepted to use the Public Computers. For confidentiality and security reasons our Public Computers reset after each user session, so please save your work regularly to a USB or cloud drive. 


Free Wi-Fi is available at all Canning Libraries. Just connect your device to the library network and accept the conditions of use. If you need help connecting, please ask a member of staff.


Printers are available at all Canning Libraries (except CREEC) and can be used for printing, scanning and photocopying.


Printing and photocopying costs, per printed side, are as follows:

  • Black and White: A4 – 30c, A3 – 50c.
  • Colour: A4 – 80c, A3 – $1.

Sending your printing

There are three different ways to send your printing:

  1. Via a public computer. Select the printer icon and choose your preferred print format from the drop down.
  2. Send from a mobile device using the Mobile Print Service.
  3. Compose a new email and attach the document that you would like to print (or forward an existing email). Send the email to the appropriate email address.
    • Please note when using this option, both the email and the attachments will be sent to the printer, but they will be listed separately at the print release station. When releasing your printing, make sure to select only the documents you wish to print. There is no option to choose specific page numbers to print using this option.

Collecting your printing

Payment can be made by cash or Eftpos:

  • Cash payments are made at the print release station. The correct change is preferred as staff cannot provide any change.
  • Card payments can be made by asking a staff member.


Scanning is available free of charge at each library on our photocopiers. Documents can be saved to a USB thumb drive or sent direct to your email.

Mobile Print Service

Send documents to print from your mobile device.

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