Lodge and track your Building and Planning Applications online with the City of Canning.

Building and Planning Application Lodgement and Tracking

The City of Canning uses an Electronic Online Lodgement system to manage the submission of Building and Planning applications.

This service provides applicants the ability to submit Building and Planning applications and track their progress.

So why should I register?

  • It can save at least 2-3 days in getting your approval.
  • Registered users can submit an application at any time; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • No paperwork or printing for you.
  • No need to visit the Council’s Offices, lodge your application from your office.
  • You can Track your application’s progress online, anytime.
  • Pay your fees online.
  • You will avoid paying the $45 scanning fee, this fee is charged for any hardcopy application lodged at the front counter or by post.
  • Why wouldn’t you?

How do I register?

Easy! Just Register here!

How to lodge an online application

For a guide on how to lodge an online application, please click here.

Fee Calculators

Click below for the City's Building Fee Calculator. Note that you will be advised what fees are due & what your payment options are after an application has been submitted.

Lodge and track

If you have already registered to use our online service, please click the following link to lodge an application or to track the progress of an existing one.

You can lodge the following types of applications:

Building Planning
BA1 - Certified Building Permit Development Approval
BA2 - Uncertified Building Permit Home Occupation
BA5 - Demolition Permit Change of Use
BA9 - Occupancy Permit Subdivision Clearance
BA11 - Occupancy Permit - Strata Written Planning Advice
BA13 - Building Approval Certificate  
BA15 - Building Approval Certificate Strata  
BA22 - Extension of a Building or Demolition Permit  
BA23 - Extension of Occupancy Permit or Building Approval Certificate  

If you are having any difficulties or have any queries regarding the online process, please contact the City’s Approval Services on 1300 422 664 or email online.lodgements@canning.wa.gov.au.

Please note that we cannot accept applications by email, they must be lodged using the online system.

For more information regarding our City's Building or Planning services please click the following links;

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