Calculate your development application fees prior to lodgement.

Planning Fees & Charges

Effective 16 August 2019

To download the detailed schedule of planning fees, please click here.

1 Determination of development application (other than for an extractive industry) where the estimated development cost is (please use only numbers in your cost amount, no commas or dollar signs): Cost* ($): Fee ($):
2 Determination of development application for an extractive industry:   Fee:  
3 Provision of a subdivision clearance, calculated on the number of lots: No. Lots: Fee ($):
4 Application for approval of home occupation   Initial Fee:  
5 Application for change of use or for change or continuation of a non-conforming use where development is not occuring.   Fee:  
6 Issue of zoning certificate   Fee:  
7 Reply to a property settlement questionaire   Fee:  
8 Issue of written planning advice   Fee:  
9 Town planning scheme amendments   Fee:  
10 Development Assessment Panel fee (refer to Fees Schedule)    

Quote (in accordance with Local Govt Planning Fees Regulations)

*Note: Cost ($) = the cost of development minus GST (not inclusive).

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