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EcoConnect: A Celebration of Sustainability and Community

As part of the City's Urban Forest Strategy, EcoConnect is an exciting event that brings together community and nature for a sustainable and flourishing future.

Join us on Sunday 5 May, at the Civic Amphitheatre and Gardens for a day filled with green initiatives and opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals. Importantly, you will have the opportunity to collect a free tree for your home and garden.

EcoConnect Tree Giveaway - 5 May, 8am - 12 noon, Civic Amphitheatre and Gardens, Cannington
EcoConnect Tree Giveaway - 5 May, 8am - 12 noon, Civic Amphitheatre and Gardens, Cannington

Event Highlights

  • Free Tree Giveaway – receive a free tree for your garden and contribute to the growth of our urban forest. Learn more about the tree giveaway.
  • E-waste drop off – safely dispose of your electronic waste and help protect the environment. At EcoConnect, Canning residents can recycle electrical and battery-operated items during a free drive-through collection service. Learn more about the e-waste collection.
  • Eco-Conscious initiatives – meet local eco-conscious community groups to learn about their initiatives.
  • Eco-Inspired Art Exhibition – a display of artistic expression that showcases the harmony between nature and community.
  • Delicious Food and Beverages – Try some delicious food and drinks (cash or card accepted).
  • WIN! – complete a quick survey to be in with a chance to win an advanced 35L nut tree.
Councillor Ben Kunze; Deputy Mayor Amanda Spencer-Teo; Team Leader Parks & Environment Glen Williams and Councillor Mark Bain with some of the trees on offer at the 2023 event

Free Tree Giveaway

The City of Canning Free Tree Giveaway is back! Receive a free plant for your garden and contribute to the growth of our urban forest. 

After the success of last year's event, where 600 trees were distributed, we are thrilled to announce this year's giveaway is bigger and better than ever! We're aiming to distribute a whopping 1,000 trees to enhance our tree canopy and support our local fauna.

Native plants in their pots

Native Plants for Your Garden

Join the City of Canning Conservation team and local conservation groups' volunteers to discover more about river health and urban landcare initiatives you can participate in. Additionally, you'll have the chance to receive a complimentary native plant for your garden.

A photograph of the Bentley Community Garden

Bentley Community Garden

Meet members of the Bentley Community Garden and support them by becoming a member or purchasing a plant or compost.

Free e-waste drop-off

At the EcoConnect event, Canning residents can recycle residential quantities of electrical and battery-operated items during a free drive-through collection service. 

E-waste should never be placed in any kerbside bins. They can contain harmful chemicals but are also made of precious resources that should be recycled through a specialist service. 

The City will be partnering with Sam’s Spares and Total Green Recycling to ensure that no e-waste ends up in landfill.

Items accepted at the event include:  

  • laptops
  • desktop computers
  • monitors
  • keyboards and mice
  • mobile phones
  • tablets
  • game systems, accessories and games
  • laptop power cables and other cables
  • computer parts such as hard drives, graphics cards, memory sticks and motherboards
  • vintage and retro computers and parts. 

Any donated items that are not repairable as well as televisions, domestic printers and other computing peripherals and accessories will be recycled. Residents must show proof of address when dropping off items.

Sam’s Spares is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to saving unwanted e-waste from landfill. Their mission is to refurbish and repair discarded computer electronics, making them available to those in need and to provide training in repairs for the neurodivergent community. For more information visit the Sam's Spares website.

If you can’t make it on the day, remember that small e-waste items such as mobile phones and tablets are accepted in the City’s Recycling Hubs. For bigger e-waste, please take them to the Ranford Road Resource Recovery and Waste Transfer Station.

It is recommended you erase all data from your devices and remove them from your Apple, Microsoft, or Google account before taking them to the event. Find below instructions on how to erase a hard drive or phone. Alternatively, check your manufacturer's support site for device-specific instructions.

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