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Light Industry Program

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Light Industry Program

Our industrial areas comprise 1000s of small businesses and their economic contribution is critical to our way of life.

The community also values clean rivers, waterways, and natural ecosystems, which can sometimes be impacted by industry. Therefore, we work with business and industry to help reduce their impact on the environment.

report issued by the Auditor General in 2014 outlined the dire state of the Swan and Canning rivers. The report found industry significantly contributes to poor water quality in the rivers by contaminating storm and groundwater, which directly connect to the rivers.

The businesses within Welshpool, Canning Vale, Cannington, and Willetton play a crucial role in protecting our environment by preventing contaminants from entering the river system. The stormwater network within these areas connects directly with the river. On-site disposal of stormwater isn’t possible because of high water tables.

Our Compliance Plan (PDF 500KB) sets out our purpose, how we achieve this through the Industry Inspection Program, and how this plan links to the Strategic Community Plan. Our focus is to:

  • support businesses meet their City approval and environmental obligations, through advice, guidance, and compliance
  • educate proprietors on legislative requirements and best practice environmental measures
  • promote awareness of the effects industrial premises have on water quality within the Canning River systems.

Helpful information and forms

If you are submitting a Waste Water Application for a wash bay, you are required to provide the following information with the application. Failure to complete this form or provide the requested information will cause the application being refused or returned. Support information for applications:

The Perth Natural Resources Management have developed Light Industry fact sheets to enhance understanding and help industry meet environmental requirements.

To find out more about the Light Industry Program, please contact us on 1300 422 664 or visit the Department of Water, Environment and Regulation website for information on programs in WA.

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