Excessive or unwanted noise outside the home can be a stressful and disruptive issue.

The City of Canning will assist residents and businesses to eliminate and/or minimise unwanted noise.

The following information is provided to assist you in understanding the noise legislation to resolve noise issues:

Noise Pamphlet (General Information)

Construction Noise - Information Sheet

Stereo Noise -Information Sheet

Specified Equipment – Musical Instruments Information sheet

Specified Equipment – Power tools, lawn mowers and the like information sheet

Noise Laws and your audible alarm - information sheet

Air Conditioner Noise - Information Sheet

Noise complaint form and log sheet

For barking dog noise issues, please contact the City's Ranger and Community Safety Services on 1300 422 664.

In the case of anti-social behaviour or noisy parties after hours, contact the police on 131 444. Police Officers are best equipped to attend after hours, particularly where the persons creating noise may be under the influence of alcohol or other substances.

For further information contact the Environmental Health and Compliance Services on 1300 422 664 or customer@canning.wa.gov.au.

Alternatively, follow the link to the Report It Form Noise Complaints. However, it is requested that you first discuss the matter with your neighbour and request their cooperation. This is often successful and they may be unaware that they are creating a problem in the first place.

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