The City's Health and Compliance Services Team plays a significant role in protecting local amenity and public health and safety.

As part of that role, the team investigates various complaints relating to issues including noise, environmental pollution, food, asbestos handling and untidy properties.

Before involving the City or any other public authority, we recommend the following:

  1. Approach your neighbour or person with whom you have a grievance in a polite and respectful manner. Remember some people become defensive when approached which is why it is essential when initially approaching a person to discuss the matter politely and without argument.
  2. Explain why the annoyance is created and ask the person for their assistance in resolving the matter. You may find it useful to show the person how you are being aggrieved. For example if it is noise related, ask them to listen to the noise, from where you can hear it.
  3. Allow the person time to make changes to the way in which they do things.
  4. If the person is receptive to your concerns but the problem has not been resolved, approach them again, as they may think that they have resolved it. Allow them time to change their actions.
  5. If the problem hasn't been resolved, you may approach the City, your local police station or the Citizens Advice Bureau's mediation services (see below), depending upon the issue.

Please note: The City cannot resolve all complaints, as in some circumstances your complaint may not fall under the City's jurisdiction.

Lodge a complaint

You can place your complaint in writing or by emailing the City at with the details of the nature of the complaint. Alternatively, you can contact the City on 1300 422 664.

The types of issues the City can help with are;


Food safety issues and food labelling


Rats and pests


Condition of swimming pool

Dwelling condition and unfit for habitation

Offensive odours

Smoking in public place

Dust nuisance

Burning off rubbish, refuse, waste material

Local pollution  

Asbestos handling, dumping and fencing

Untidy construction site 

Unauthorised development or use of land

Unauthorised buildings 


Condition of land


Commercial vehicles

Overcrowding of dwellings

Deviation from approvals issued by the City.

The types of complaints the City is not able to assist with;

Dividing fences

Boundary fences and retaining boundaries of less than 500mm

Food quality unless it affects food safety

Parking on private land

Noise from people talking

Use of video surveillance equipment

Noise from use of a basketball.

Mediation Services

The City is not always able to resolve complaints, particularly if they fall outside of the City’s jurisdiction. If your complaint can not been resolved, you may approach the Citizens Advice Bureau via email Alternatively where the matter is a civil one, you may seek your own legal advice in relation to private nuisance.

Useful Contact Details


Antisocial Behaviour and Afterhours Party Noise

Emergencies: 000

All other Enquiries: 131 444

City of Canning

All non-civil complaints and enquiries

1300 422 464

Legal Aid

Enquiries regarding legal advice for Civil Complaints

1300 650 579

Magistrates Court

Information and applications on Civil Proceedings

9425 2222

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