The City of Canning incorporates almost 350 kilometres of footpaths and shared paths. In addition to providing a travel network, these paths are intended to promote good health activities such as walking and cycling.

To make sure the paths are in good working order, the City allocates funds annually for the construction of new paths and the maintenance of existing paths. This includes preventive maintenance, repair of damaged paths and sweeping of paths when necessary.

Should you wish to report a fault with the City's paths, please use the following link: Report an issue

The City is committed to the use of Sustainable Construction Materials in the construction of new paths wherever possible.

In 2014, the City commenced the development of a city-wide Integrated Transport Strategy (ITS). The intention of this strategy is to identify a range of interrelated transport plans to assist the City in managing sustained urban growth and a high quality of life within the community.

The City of Canning Cycling and Walking Plan was adopted in May 2018 and provides strategic direction and recommendations to increase cycling and walking within the City.

Using shared paths

Please be courteous when using our paths to help make them a safe and enjoyable space for everyone. Uncertainty about rules and interactions on paths can be a major source of anxiety and frustration. Most people who use the paths want to do the right thing and follow etiquette. Calling out and recognising the problem makes everyone responsible for dealing with it.

Tips for sharing the path:

  • Keep left.

  • Use your bell while overtaking.
  • Give way to people walking.
  • Maintain 1 metre distance when passing.
  • Slow down on busy paths.
  • Walk dogs on short leads.

Current projects

Cycling and Walking Route 1 - City Centre to Curtin University

As part of the City of Canning’s adopted Cycling and Walking Plan, the City is constructing a one kilometre section of a new cycling route between the Canning City Centre and Curtin University via Bentley. This work is jointly funded by the City and Department of Transport.

Route 1 is the first of five routes that will be rolled out over the next 10 years. It will be an off-road, shared path for people walking and cycling, and will connect the City Centre and Curtin University.

Starting at the Mills Street and Doust Street intersection in Cannington, Route1 ends at the Aide Court and Hayman Road intersection in Bentley. It passes a rail station, Santa Clara Primary School, Bentley Primary School, Al-Hidayah Islamic School, Bentley 360 – a development that is expected to have 1,650 new dwellings, shops and sports areas.

Route 1 extends beyond the City’s boundaries and will connect with a cycle path being built by the Town of Victoria Park.

Construction of Route 1 started in February 2020 and is expected to be finished in June 2020.


Cycling and Walking Route 2 - City Centre to Willetton via Canning River Regional Park

The City of Canning is currently designing a new cycling route between Canning City Centre and Willetton via the Canning River Regional Park. Over 5km of new and upgraded shared paths are proposed in the design, which is jointly funded by the Department of Transport and City of Canning.
This route was identified as part of the City’s adopted Cycling and Walking Plan and is the second of five identified routes planned for construction. The first 2km section will begin construction in July 2020. With ongoing support from the Department of Transport it is expected the full route will be constructed within 4 years.
This project connects the Canning City Centre, Ferndale, Riverton and Willetton and improves access to:

Schools: Willetton SHS, Castlereagh PS, Burrendah PS, Willetton PS, Orana Catholic PS, Riverton PS and Fountain College.
Local businesses: Carousel, Riverton and Southlands Shopping Centres and associated entertainment precincts.
Recreational opportunities: Willetton Sports Precinct, Riverton Leisureplex, Ferndale Park and the Canning River Regional Park.
Community Hubs: Willetton, Riverton and Cannington.

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