To ensure the safety of its residents, the City of Canning conducts ongoing maintenance of its drainage systems in order to prevent flooding of roads or properties caused by a blockage or defect in the drainage systems.

As always, the presence of water on roads is a cause for concern. Water can act as a traffic safety risk, may cause damage to road infrastructure and may also cause damage to adjacent properties if not properly contained.

In order to prevent the damaging effects of uncontrolled water, the City recognises proper drainage systems and regular maintenance are necessary.

Maintenance is carried out via regular sweeping of roads, the cleaning of gullies and the restoration of the City’s damaged drainage infrastructure.

The upgrading of drainage may be carried out as a stand-alone project or as part of road construction works. The City’s drainage systems are generally piped and discharged to open drains which carries water to the river or to sumps which soak to the ground.

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