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Verge update: We’re working on it!

We are currently working hard to collect your hard and green waste and have additional shifts in place. We are behind schedule due to higher than normal volumes of waste. We have also seen a significant increase in incorrect items being placed on verges which has a big impact on our collection times. To view what can and can’t go out on your verge, please view our waste guide.

When will my waste be collected?
Delays are approximately two weeks from your collection date. We’re really sorry about this and we’re running additional shifts so that we can collect your waste as soon as possible. Due to the volumes of waste, it is hard to work out the exact collection dates. However, we will update this page daily (on weekdays) with the estimated start dates for upcoming collections. The estimated start dates for the following zones are as follows:

Hard Waste

  • Zone 8 (Ferndale): 16 March - Completed
  • Zone 9 (Lynwood) 23 March - Completed
  • Zone 10  (Parkwood): 30 March - Collections have commenced
  • Zone 11 (Parkwood): 10 April

Green Waste

  • Zone 15 (Willetton): 15 March - Completed
  • Zone 16 (Willetton/ Riverton): 28 March - Collections have commenced, approximately 30% complete
  • Zone 17 (Willetton): 10 April
  • Zone 18 (Willetton): 17 April

Affected by the verge collection delays?
An option is for affected residents to take their rubbish (including up to two mattresses) directly to the Waste Transfer Station for free. The usual drop off fee will not be applied to those who have verge collections now and up until 30 June 2023. Proof of address is required.
* Please note: Once the City has completed verge collections in a zone, that zone will no longer be eligible for a free drop off.

We thank you for your patience.

How can we help?

Download the current Waste Guide (PDF 9.4MB) to learn how to sort your waste and when your collection days are.

If you have any questions about your collections, please contact us.

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