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Composting and worm farming equipment

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Composting and worm farming equipment

Each year, the City of Canning collects tonnes of garden and food waste from general waste bins. This ends up in landfill, but you can help divert waste by composting your food scraps and garden prunings.

We offer residents discounts on composting and worm farming equipment. This helps us reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill.

We also provide workshops on how to use and get the most out of your equipment.

Composting equipment

We offer residents a discount on the price of composting equipment, including:

Composting is an alternative way to dispose of your food scraps, lawn clippings, fallen leaves and small branches. Items like fruit and vegetables peelings, eggshells and coffee grounds can go into a composting bin and will become soil for your garden.

For more information, download the Subsidised Composting and Worm Farming Equipment brochure (PDF 160KB).

The equipment is available to buy at the Ranford Road Resource Recovery and Waste Transfer Station. There is a limit of two of the same equipment per household per financial year.

Bokashi composting

Bokashi composting uses a special mix to ferment food scraps into a safe soil builder and nutrient-rich tea for your plants. Meat, bones, bread, cooking oil and dairy are not easily composted in a traditional compost bin, which makes Bokashi composting great for these scraps.

To learn more, visit the Bokashi Composting Australia website.

Worm farming equipment

City of Canning residents can buy a worm farm for $115, a discount of $130.

Worm farms, sometimes called worm cafes, can break down your food waste and turn it into garden fertiliser.

As worm farms need special care, worm farms are only available to buy from the City after attending a workshop. To find out when the next workshop is, please visit our Events page.

For more information, download the Subsidised Composting and Worm Farming Equipment brochure (PDF 370KB).


  • Compost bin guide (PDF 1MB) – Composting will allow you to create wonderfully rich soil supplement to help your plants grow. Follow the simple steps below to set a successful compost bin at home.
  • Bokashi bucket guide (PDF 1MB) – Ideal for apartments or homes with small gardens, the Bokashi bucket is the perfect option for people who want to compost but do not have much space.
  • In-ground worm tube guide (PDF 1MB) – In-ground worm tubes are ideal for households with garden beds..

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