** Please note the bulk junk verge collection dates and zones have changed, commencing 7 January 2019**

The City of Canning conducts verge side bulk collections for your household waste. There are two bulk junk verge collections per household each year.

2019 Bulk Junk Collection Dates

Please have your waste out by the dates stated for your address/zone as this is when our services commence.

Use our lookup tool below to find out the waste collection dates for your address.

Rubbish, recycle and waste collection dates lookup

Download a copy of the 2019 Waste Information Calendar here

Please note: The City will no longer be sending out flyers prior to green and junk verge side collections.

Household Junk

Material is not to be placed out more than two days prior to the collection commencement date for household junk.

Only the following material will be removed:

  • Furniture and furnishings
  • Household junk

Green waste will not be collected as part of Household Junk collections.

The following will not be removed:

  • White goods such as fridges, freezers, dishwashers, ovens, washing machines and air conditioning units
  • Bricks, rubble, concrete, sand or other building waste
  • Liquids of any kind, such as paint
  • Gas bottles of any size
  • Motor vehicles parts including tyres
  • Any asbestos containing material
  • Plate glass, such as windows and shower screens and outdoor furniture containing glass
  • Green waste

*** Please note: White goods are no longer included as part of the bulk household junk verge collection. For information regarding our on demand white goods collection service, please click here

Verge Pick-Up Placement

Household Waste may only be placed on the verge two days (2) prior to the commencement of the collection and be ready for collection by 6am on the day of collection.

bulk household junk placement

General Conditions for a Bulk Junk Verge Collection:

  • Up to 6m3 or two standard 6 x 4 ft trailer loads of household waste will be removed during a collection. Any green waste on your verge will not be collected during a household waste collection
  • If you do have green waste to dispose of please wait for a green waste bulk verge collection
  • Please think of your neighbours and do not put anything on verges outside of collection dates, as material left on the verge can be unsightly or hazardous in some instances
  • Any waste left on the verge outside collection dates must be removed immediately or a litter infringement notice may be issued
  • Please do not obstruct or obscure essential services such as fire hydrants, telecommunications, sewer or stormwater access, electrical transformers or power domes
  • Ensure the footpath is free to use and that our Waste Services have access for the normal kerbside bin service
  • Please do not place material on vacant properties or land, public places, reserves, parks or their verges. Such action is an offence under the Litter Act and may incur an infringement.
  • The items will be loaded by machinery, therefore in order to avoid damage caused by the loader, please do not conceal items or place material on top of easily damaged items such as sprinklers or against fences

For more information, please contact the City on 1300 422 664 during the business hours of 8.15am and 4.30pm.

Donate your unwanted goods to charity

To find out more information on how and where to donate unwanted goods to local charity shops, visit Giv.org.

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