The City of Canning Waste Transfer Station allows for quick and easy disposal of materials for a fee, with residents receiving a discount.

Opening hours

8am – 4.30pm, 7 days a week.

Vehicle entry to the site closes at 4.15pm.

Closed Christmas Day, New Year's Day, and Good Friday.


The Waste Transfer Station is located at 81 Ranford Rd, Canning Vale, however the regular access point from Ranford Road is currently closed to the public. This is due to the METRONET Ranford Road Station works happening nearby.

To enter the Waste Transfer Station, you must travel from Wilfred Road and along Livingston Drive. Keep travelling on Livingston Drive until you see the Waste Transfer Station entry sign. This detour takes about 5-10 minutes. Download the access map (JPG 70KB).


The Waste Transfer Station can take waste from both residents and the commercial sector. A variety of materials are accepted:

  • asbestos
  • cardboard
  • clean inert construction waste
  • electronic waste (e-waste)
  • green waste
  • household hazardous waste
  • mattresses
  • mixed waste
  • motor oil
  • polystyrene
  • pool covers
  • steel/scrap metal
  • tyres.

For fees and requirements, see related tab below.

Car gas cylinders are only accepted if they have been degassed and punctured twice to depressurise them.

Waste type Fee for residents^ Fee for commercial and non-residents Requirements
Asbestos $11.20 per sheet of super-six or the equivalent (maximum of eight (8) sheets)

Must be wrapped as per statutory requirements (wrapping the sheets individually is recommended for ease of unloading from vehicle).

Residents are responsible for unloading asbestos from their vehicle.

Cardboard Free Household quantities only. Cardboard must be flattened with all other materials including polystyrene removed. 
Clean construction waste
  • Loads less than 200kg: $21.50
  • Loads between 201kg and 400kg: $37.70
  • Loads between 201kg and 400kg (Pensioner Entitlement Card discount): $34.50
  • Loads exceeding 400kg are $76.45 per tonne
  • Loads less than 200kg: $26.95
  • Loads between 201 kg and 400kg: $47.45
  • Loads exceeding 400kg are $97.00 per tonne
Includes sand, bricks, concrete and rubble only. No gyprock or timber.
Electronic waste (e-waste) Free $10.00 per 20kg

A collection bin for Sam’s Spares is available for laptops, desktop computers, mobile phones, gaming consoles and similar e-waste.

Small e-waste can also be put into our Recycling Hubs.

Green waste
  • Loads less than 300kg: $21.15
  • Loads exceeding 300kg are $44.40 per tonne
  • Loads less than 300kg: $50.75
  • Loads exceeding 300kg are $87.85 per tonne
  • Mattress – both coil spring and/or foam: $35.00
  • Ensemble or mattress base: $25.00
Mixed waste
  • Single item, maximum weight 20kg: $21.15
  • Loads less than 200kg: $58.15
  • Loads between 201kg and 400kg: $105.70
  • Loads between 201kg and 400kg (Pensioner Entitlement Card discount): $86.70
  • Loads exceeding 400kg are $231.80 per tonne
  • Single item, maximum weight 20kg: $21.15
  • Loads less than 200kg: $68.70
  • Loads between 201kg and 400kg: $126.85
  • Loads exceeding 400 kg are $259.00 per tonne
Motor oil Up to 20L: free Maximum of 20L per household or business per day.
Polystyrene Free White packaging blocks only. Household quantities only.
Pool covers Free Must be free of organic waste. Strappings and roller must be removed. The pool covers will be recycled by our partner, Daisy Pool Covers & Rollers, which will reprocess and manufacture them into new products. Alternatively, pool covers can be taken directly to Daisy Pool Covers & Rollers between 7am-12pm, Monday to Friday (8 Granite Place, Welshpool) 
Steel/scrap metal Free Compressors and gas cylinders cannot be disposed of as scrap steel unless they are degassed, have valves removed and are punctured to indicate they are safe for recycling. Portable LPG/Propane/Butane cylinders are accepted via the Household Hazardous Waste Program.
  • Passenger Car Tyre (<18"): $6.95
  • Passenger Car Tyre on Rim (<18"): $14.30
  • Light Truck Tyre – 4x4, >18" - 21" or Bobcat: $9.80
  • Light Truck Tyre on Rim – 4x4, >18" - 21" or Bobcat: $25.50
  • Truck Tyre: $20.00
  • Truck Tyre on Rim: $48.80
  • Super Single Tyre: $30.55
  • Super Single Tyre – On Rim: $97.30
  • Forklift Tyre (Pneumatic): $22.10
  • Forklift Tyre (Solid): $27.75
Maximum of 5 tyres per entry.

^ proof of residence is required.

Affected by the verge collection delays?
An option is for affected residents to take their rubbish (including up to two mattresses) directly to the Waste Transfer Station, where the usual fee will be removed up until 30 June 2023. Proof of address is required.

Remember to sort and save

Sorting your rubbish load saves you money and reduces the amount of waste landfilled.

A sorted load is one that has been separated into waste types. For example, it is important that green waste is separated from general rubbish going to landfill, as green waste can be mulched. Other items such as scrap metal, white goods, brick rubble and sand/soil can be recycled and need to be separated.

Loads containing recyclable items that have not been sorted will be charged at the more expensive mixed waste rate.

The public can drop off their unwanted household hazardous waste at the Waste Transfer Station for free, even if they are not a resident.

Accepted household hazardous waste:

  • acids and alkalis
  • aerosols
  • batteries (household)
  • engine coolants and glycols
  • fire extinguishers; non-halon (red) only
  • flammables
  • flares
  • fluorescent lamps and tubes (CLFs)
  • gas cylinders (small household 9kg)
  • household chemicals (e.g. cleaners)
  • paint
  • pesticides/herbicides
  • poisons/toxics
  • pool chemicals
  • smoke detectors.

Unknown chemicals are accepted but must be in sealed chemical resistant containers.

We only accept household quantities of materials:

  • no larger than 20kg or 20L per material type, per vehicle per day
  • for paint, 100L per vehicle per day is accepted.

SodaStream-type cylinders are not accepted. To find out more about returning these items, visit the SodaStream website.

Download the State Government's Household Hazardous Waste Program brochure, which details other sites where you can drop off waste.

Good condition items

If you have unwanted items sitting at home, you can give them a second life and drop them off at the Waste Transfer Station. Our staff will assess the quality and safety of the items and decide whether they can be sold at the market. Items deemed unfit for sale must be removed or a fee may incur.

The collected items will be sold at the Reuse Market, our bi-monthly event aimed at reducing waste and promoting second-hand shopping.

E-waste for Sam's Spares

Residents can donate e-waste to Sam’s Spares – a charity run by Sam, an 18-year-old Autistic man with Tourette Syndrome, who saves unwanted e-waste from landfill by repairing and rebuilding them. Note that a fee applies for non-residents. 

To help Sam collect e-waste, we’ve added a new collection point at the Waste Transfer Station. Sam accepts laptops, desktop computers, monitors, keyboards and mice, mobile phones, tablets, games systems and/or accessories, laptop power cables and computer parts.

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