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Volunteering Stories

City of Canning Volunteers – Curators of life changing stories.

We interviewed some of our volunteers to learn more about them and the inspiring story of why they volunteer for the City of Canning. You can read their stories below.

Visit the Volunteering Opportunities page if you feel inspired to become a volunteer.

Meet Hye Jin (Grace) Um

Who do you volunteer for?

My volunteering journey commenced 20 years ago when I volunteered in various countries. Volunteering enabled me to learn more about different cultures whilst retaining an affection for my Korean culture through shared experiences.

I have been a Bilingual Storytime Volunteer with the City of Canning since 2020.

Why do you volunteer?

As a Bilingual Storytime Volunteer, I can share my Korean literacy skills through regular programming and school holiday sessions. Volunteering my time is a rewarding experience when I get to teach Korean to children from other cultures.

I work as a Special Needs Education Assistant at a primary school and have recently commenced teaching dance for Communicare. It is fun to meet and interact with children and families of various cultures through both teaching opportunities.

I am open to sharing my Korean culture with Canning’s communities and are readily seeking new opportunities to connect into new teaching opportunities.

A photograph of Hye Jin (Grace) Um
Hye Jin (Grace) Um

Meet Sevine Gokkaya

Who do you volunteer for?

I commenced volunteering with the City of Canning in 2019 as a Books on Wheels volunteer at Riverton and Willetton Libraries. I have recently ceased supporting the Books on Wheels role and now support the casual InterConnect Volunteer role which will allow me to continue supporting one off opportunities while I pursue a new role mentoring special needs children with another organisation.volunteer with the City of Canning Books on Wheels service for both Riverton and Willetton library. In addition, I am also a volunteer with North Metropolitan TAFE as a home tutor.

Why do you volunteer?

The reason I began volunteering was having settled permanently in Perth, I felt a deep appreciation for living in such a wonderful city. Therefore, in return, I wanted to help others whilst being involved in my community. Volunteering has connected me to a cause which is not only important to me personally, but has given me the opportunity to meet, make friends and be part of a fantastic community. In all, being a volunteer is truly a worthwhile experience in so many ways and has certainly enriched my life.

A photo of Sevine Gokkaya
Sevine Gokkaya

Meet Shirlene Scanlan

Who do you volunteer for?

My role as a CREEC (Canning River Eco Education Centre) Volunteer commenced in 2012 and has evolved over the years. I have escorted children on bird watching excursions, participated in both Earth Day and Science Expo, and other community events, created educational tools, supported my colleagues, forged great friendships, and learnt a lot about our beautiful Canning River Regional Park.

Why do you volunteer?

I have always taken a keen interest in environmental issues and felt that I wanted to work with children and the environment. Children are the future custodians of our Earth and education is the most important way to encourage children and their families to care for the environment. My favourite activity is preparing educational displays for our public gallery. My aim is that our visitors enjoy the displays and take home some message, be it about our native flora or fauna, or some current environmental topic.

I like that I am part of a team that promotes sustainability and community and that my place of work, CREEC, is in such a beautiful setting. I think that sums up why I continue to be so enthusiastic about the best job I have ever had.

A photo of Shirlene Scanlan
Shirlene Scanlan

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