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Sustain Stage

The Sustain stage provided by WA Leaders surrounds businesses and leaders with the knowledge, resources and connections to be more dynamic and resilient and build sustainable value.

The way business is done has changed dramatically in a short period of time. Limited time, energy and resources must be focused where clear outcomes and new opportunities exist.

The most dynamic and successful companies have been deliberate in surrounding themselves with trusted relationships and expert knowledge.

We have partnered with WA Leaders to provide private companies with the knowledge, resources and connections to tackle their challenges and create new and lasting opportunities for growth.

WA Leaders provides a structured framework for sustainable success, where members achieve the following results:

  • Empowered and equipped leadership – Strong leadership to truly unleash the business’ potential and to deal with challenges.
  • Best practice and informed decision-making – Fast-tracked business performance from more effective decisions and mitigated risks and pitfalls. Adapt quicker and better.
  • Stronger clarity and direction – Clear business and personal prioritisation and focus to be more effective and efficient.
  • Exposure to more opportunities and approaches – Capitalise on business and inter-industry opportunities, including considerations to pivot or adapt.
  • A powerful team around you – Advice, support and referrals to ensure the business has a foundation for success.
  • Lifelong relationships and support – Personal and professional support throughout your journey.

There are currently two programs being offered:

  • Executive Leaders (for established organisations) has been designed to bring fresh expertise, industry knowledge and valued connections. Best suited to business leaders seeking access to growth, trade, and investment opportunities.
  • Future Leaders (for earlier stage organisations) provides emerging company leaders with access to influential experts and business owners, focussed on skilling up the Founder/CEO of the business.

These programs are forward-thinking, action-oriented CEOs, Business Owners, Executives, and Entrepreneurs who will receive:

  • direct and tailored support from WA's leading Industry Experts across 20+ business disciplines
  • up-to-date information and advice to tackle important changes, trends and emerging opportunities across 30+ business topics
  • direct connection to other dynamic private companies to create opportunities across the WA Leaders' community.

You must be either a resident AND/OR a business owner/operator in the City of Canning to qualify (virtual offices do not qualify).

Meet Amanda from WA HomeStay and Aussie Holiday Stays

4 years ago, Amanda saw a local opportunity in the market to create and online booking platform with heart. After its success over the last couple of years, Amanda is looking at expanding nationally.

Amanda joined the Canning Business Mentoring Program and has done two courses to develop her brand and network. Hear her experiences and learnings with the program.

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