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Design Review Panel

The Design Review Panel (DRP) is a specialised group of consultants appointed by the Council to provide professional and technical advice to the City for significant developments.

What is considered by the Design Review Panel?

Development considered by the City to be significant are required to go before the Design Review Panel. The following criteria apply to significant developments:

  1. Multiple dwelling, and mixed-use developments, that comprise more than 10 units; or
  2. Development that is three storeys or more in height (single houses exempt); or
  3. Any Precinct Structure Plans, or Structure Plans; or
  4. Development not of the kind referred to above, but which in the opinion of the delegated officer is:
    1. Of a complex or contentious nature;
    2. Likely to be of significant interest to the community;
    3. A commercial development (i.e. Shopping Centre) that is significant in scale; and
    4. A significant application that is eligible for consideration by the Development Assessment Panel (or Joint Development Assessment Panel), pursuant to Part 2, Section 5 and 6 of the Planning and Development (Development Assessment Panels) Regulations 2015;
    5. Involves unusual or unconventional design elements; or
    6. Is likely to benefit from referral to the DRP.

What information is required before an application may go to the Design Review Panel?

The Local Planning Policy – LP.06 Design Review Panel and Assessment of Significant Developments (PDF 260KB) states that the applicant should submit information that includes (but should not be limited to) the following:

  1. Plans and elevations that are legible and to scale with an appropriate level of detail including, but not limited to, dimensions, a north point and site plan;
  2. Supporting documentation, including 3D images or perspective drawings; and reports/certifications addressing discretionary matters (if available);
  3. A brief statement addressing how the development achieves the relevant design principles listed in Part 5 of this policy;
  4. A brief statement on how the DRP’s previous comments have been addressed (for developments undergoing a further review);
  5. A completed Request for Written Planning Advice form or Development Application (DA) form; and
  6. Payment of the applicable fee for a Written Planning Advice or Development Application as per the local government’s Schedule of Planning Fees and Charges.

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When are the meetings scheduled?

DRP meetings are held on the second Tuesday of every month. An application to attend DRP needs to be submitted to the City 15 business days prior of the meeting date.

For more information about the Design Review Panel, please contact us.

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