A crossover is the portion of the driveway that connects your property and the road carriageway, providing access to the internal driveway of the property.

An application for the construction of a crossover needs to be submitted to, and approved by, the City prior to commencement of any works. The Crossover Application Form is available here

The Crossover application fee is $483.89 (inc GST), this fee covers the processing of the application and a post completion inspection of the crossover area. Additional fees may apply if the crossover is constructed without a permit or if works are not completed to the City’s specifications.  

There are different types of crossovers each with their own specifications. In order to assist property owners and developers, the City provides standard drawings and specifications (see below documents)for the construction of crossovers to ensure they meet the City’s requirements. 

Where a first new crossover is constructed to the City’s requirements and is subject to a Certificate of Title or official land ownership record, the City will contribute 50 per cent of the cost of the construction of a standard residential crossover up to a maximum of $579.90, as estimated by the City. The City will also contribute 50 per cent of the cost of construction up to a maximum of $579.90, as estimated by the City, for the upgrade of an existing bitumen residential crossover to a standard residential crossover, provided there are no other standard crossovers.

The City encourages the use of recycled construction and demolition material for construction projects. For more information, please refer to Sustainable Construction Materials

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